Midian Films is an independent film company located in Round Rock, Texas. Midian was originally established in 1992 by Dana Glover – University of Southern California, as an audio production and technology development group. In 2005, with the addition of childhood friend Michelle Carter – Cal State San Bernardino, the company focus switched to producing high quality entertaining films. In this short time Midian Films has produced five feature films and six short films which have been featured in the Short Film Corner at the Festival de Cannes every year since 2006. Collectively with over 70 years of creative experience in Film, TV, Radio, and Multimedia production - Midian Films is considered one of the premiere small independent film companies in today’s film industry.



Dana is from Los Angeles, California. An alumnus of the University of Southern California. Dana is a former member of the Los Angeles Laker Band, as well as spending 5 years in University of Southern California Trojan Band. After teaching for two years, he turned his efforts to composing film scores. As a ghost writer, Dana has composed music for several major films. He is also a pioneer in composing musical scores for the multimedia industry (Origin Systems) and credited with bringing cinematic music to the video game industry. Film and Multimedia projects include Shrek, Wing Commander II, and many more. Dana is Co-founder and a general partner in Midian Films. He has directed and produced four short films as well as several commercials, each of his short films have premiered at the Festival de Cannes - Short Film Corner. Member of MMA 1A-SIG, Member of American Society of Composers Authors & Publishers (ASCAP).



Michelle is a cinematographer, digital editor. She has been involved in the film and television industry for over 20 years. For 12 years she worked with the City of San Bernardino Telecommunications Department as a director, producer, studio and field cameraperson, analog and digital editor, lighting and set designer. She freelanced as both cameraperson and editor for projects ranging from commercials to music videos. Michelle is co-founder and a general partner in Midian Films, also co-founder and Executive Director of the Cinema Du Cannes Project. An alumnus of Cal State San Bernardino in Communications with an emphasis in Media Productions. She is a member of Women Make Movies (WMM), International Documentary Association (IDA), Film People network and a host of others. Other accomplishments include directing, editing, and producing.



Cynthia was born into a show business family and began her career as an apprentice prop-maker and scenic artist working in many of Hollywood’s premier theatrical, TV, and film studios. She received her BFA in scenic design from the University of Southern California. Her diverse career spans short films, feature films, IMAX, episodic series, documentaries, commercials, industrials, rock videos, Broadway and regional theatre. A mentor to many young designers, she is a passionate advocate for progressive methods and a re-imagining of design training for the entertainment arts. Cynthia has also produced films from 7 different countries.


Cynthia Glover

Michael Coleman

Gina Coleman


Michael and Gina officially joined the Midian team in 2014. They are film producers, distributors and educators committed to uncompromising visions that challenge conventional paradigms. Michael and Gina work to encourage international dialogue and foster community through their producing, distribution network, and curatorial projects. They have produced 10 feature films, which have been honored to win several film festival awards and distributed in 10+ countries.








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