40 Years - On The Air

Broadcast legend David Anderson has served Austin's radio community & culture for 40 years - An icon of Austin's history and heritage.


All You Need Is...

Love makes the world go round. Through the examples of four short stories, we are introduced to the four classifications of love.

            Herr Doctor Vilhelm Verboten, great grandson of Sigmund Freud, on his mother's side and the world's leading authority on what drives us; in other words...love. He moves us along using his classification system of the 4 types of love.



"Pendulum Trailer"
Featuring: Brian Martin, Laura Ray, and Hannah Morgan



Amateur ghost hunting couples terrifying investigation and strange disappearance in what is known as The Jollenbach House.



"Multiple Trailer"
Featuring: Louise Martin



"Sometimes in a hunt, the prey has plans of its own"

 Kristi is on a secret rendezvous to meet a friend at a local bar. The bar happens to be near the site of several unsolved murders. After her friend is a no show, Kristi discovers she's being hunted in a terrifying game of cat and mouse. But sometimes in a hunt, the prey has its own plans.


"Even in Solitude, You are Not Alone"

Marie Collier is a young woman with a troubled past, suffering the painful emptiness caused by her recent separation. Desperately seeking solitude, she takes refuge in a secluded lakefront home. Soon discovering that in her solitude, maybe she's not alone. Marie, now fully overwhelmed with fear, must journey through this disturbing psychological thriller that leads to a terrifying confrontation between herself and her own psyche.


In Only Five Minutes      
"When it comes to love, He'll love you too death"

Josh is emotionally unstable when it comes to matters of the heart. He falls in love too quickly and much too fast for his own good. Over a span of five minutes we relive his memories of Elizabeth. In the end, it's easy to see why sometimes love can really hurt.


Sub Urban Safari 

A unique journey of adventure and discovery of the wildlife and habitats through the urban and suburban landscape. Utilizing a beautiful music score with an African flavor and dazzling visuals, we’re taken on an abstract safari from the peaceful open plains to the chaotic world of city wildlife. With the help and experience of our top safari guide, through a unique blend of urban poetry and dance, we enjoy the beginning of a new day exploring the beauty of the vast open spaces. Our next stop allows us the opportunity to discover the splendor of the forest settings and all its many villages scattered throughout. As we venture on, we soon uncover the industrial workings, the heartbeat that actually makes this world tick. Entering our wildlife reserve, you will marvel at the different forms of wildlife as they move freely about in their natural environment. Sorry, no hunting allowed! Sunset and the great migration! Finally, the world’s back at peace.     







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